The incumbent Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has come out to claim that there is a plot to rig the Kirinyaga Gubernatorial race.

Waiguru took to her social media accounts to claim two ballot boxes with governor’s ballots were sneaked into Kianyaga through the backdoor in broad daylight and photos of the said ballot boxes.

“Rigging in broad daylight??? - Two ballot boxes with governors' ballots enter Kianyaga through the back door in broad daylight!” Waiguru wrote.

She further asked for the ballot to be removed and the tallying process stopped.

“They MUST be removed and tallying MUST stop!” she added.

Waiguru vied for the Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat on a UDA ticket against her major opponent Wangui Ngirichi who fell out with the party's top leadership after she was asked to step down in favour of Waiguru.

Kirinyaga is among the counties which had mishaps after their ballot papers found their way to Kakamega.

On Tuesday, Waiguru also claimed intimidation and rigging attempts caused the initially low voter turnout.