Roots Party presidential running mate Justina Wamae has refuted reports that her principal George Wajackoyah is a project. 

In a quick turnaround, Wamae dismissed the reports that Wajackoyah supports the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga as false.

Wamae said people largely misconstrued Wajackoyah’s intended message, which was only giving credit to where it was due.

Speaking during an interview at a local television station, Wamae said the Roots Party’s aim was to demonstrate to the Kenyan public that politics does not equal enmity and that opponents can still respect one another.

"Our aim was to show Kenyans that politics is not enmity. You can be having arguments or different ideologies but you respect the other person, that is what Roots Party stands for," Wamae said.

A few days ago, Wamae issued a statement affirming that Wajackoyah indeed supports the Azimio coalition and would be supporting the contrary if push came to shove.

She was reacting to a video that came out showing Wajackoyah addressing his supporters at a local joint where he said he respects Raila for his contribution to the country.