Ugandan High Court has given the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) the green light to investigate Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja’s Teams University degree certificate.

The university had previously moved to court to block the NCHE from investigating the claims that Sakaja was a student at the institution.

The Ugandan High Court Deputy registrar Jamson Karemani said the Teams University application did not hold any water.

Karemani said he believed in NCHE’s submission and there was no investigation going on.

“I do believe in NCHE’s submissions that indeed the investigations were stopped and at the moment there is no ongoing investigations,” Karemani said.

The registrar also said NCHE had stopped the investigations after an earlier court order and Uganda’s Inspector General of Police took up the investigations of the matter.

Teams University moved to court seeking court orders to bar NCHE from investigating if indeed Sakaja was a student of that institution at any given time.

This latest development shakes the foundation of Sakaja’s bid to become Nairobi’s next governor.

Sakaja has been in and out of court battling petitions that seek to knock him off the Nairobi gubernatorial race on grounds that his academic credentials are not credible.