Interior PS Karanja Kibicho has disclosed that Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru is under the police radar over allegations of improper conduct during her political campaigns in Kirinyaga Country.

Kibicho was speaking on Friday during a meeting with local administrators in Kerugoya at the Kerugoya CDF offices.

According to Kibicho, the authorities have reported that Waiguru and her team have been spotted moving around the county with crude weapons and hiring goons to disrupt her opponents’ political events.

“Waiguru and her team has been moving around with goods, but our local administrators have informed us they have dealt with it. They are walking around with young men armed with crude weapons,” Kibicho said.

Kibicho said Waiguru was manipulating the youth in the region into pulling stunts that put them at loggerheads with the police and expecting to be apprehended in an attempt to push her ratings up. 

However, Kibicho refused to have the authorities get dragged into Waiguru’s attention-seeking drama but warned her that if she breaks the law, she will face the music.

“We are not going to be dragged into her slippery route. But let her know if she breaks the law, the law doesn’t have a deadline,” he warned.

Kibicho also said the authorities do not intend to hurt the youth therefore they will just embark on a youth disarmament exercise.

“We don’t want to hurt our young men and women, and we have resorted to disarming them so they cannot be a threat to anyone. They have been warned and most have abandoned the bandwagon,” Kibicho said.

He also disclosed that Waiguru had been flouting the electoral laws and cautioned that anyone who will be caught taking part in her outlawed activities will face the law.

The PS noted they are aware Waiguru and her team hold night meetings and also revealed that the authorities are investigating them.

“We are still investigating them. We are aware they have had night meetings, where they insult other leaders. We don’t want a situation where the other camp is aggrieved and we have an alternation in Kirinyaga,” the PS said.

He said the security sectors in the country will not spare any efforts in ensuring every voter exercises their constitutional right by offering the necessary resources.

“In line with our duties and expectations, we in the security sectors will be required to ensure citizens are supported with the necessary resources to vote in elections,” Kibicho said.