Azimio coalition party presidential running mate Martha Karua has blasted Deputy President William Ruto for showing disrespect to his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking in Westlands on Sunday, Karua told DP Ruto that his anger and resentment towards Uhuru would not elevate him to the presidency in the August 9 general election.

She accused those in Kenya Kwanza of being bitter and resorting to attacking her ticket with Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga during their public rallies every day.

“Some of them are full of anger and they want to be elected. Let someone go and tell them that Kenyans are more hungry and angry because of the cost of living," said Karua.

Karua appealed to residents of Nairobi County to elect for Raila as president in the coming poll, saying all their interests would only be catered for in the Azimio administration.

The Azimio La Umoja presidential running mate also appealed to women in the country to rally behind her bid with Odinga to form the next government at the end of Uhuru’s tenure.

She added, "This is the closest as women we have gotten to the presidency. Even when I vied it was not this close. Know that we are in government and we will walk close with you."

She asked Kenyans not to fall for empty pledged in this year’s poll and instead pay attention to the track records of the presidential candidates while making their decision on the ballot.

Karua added that only Azimio is committed to the fight against corruption as it had leaders of integrity, who are competent and have undertaken to keep their word once in office.