President Uhuru Kenyatta has castigated his deputy William Ruto for making many pledges to members of the public yet he could not do his work.

Uhuru subtly said without directly referring to Ruto that he was given a job, but instead of performing his duties, he was only running his mouth and making idle pledges.

The president was speaking at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) Convention Centre where he led the country in celebrating the 100th International Co-operatives Day.

Uhuru questioned why his deputy did not fulfil his promises while he was still in office.

“I am disheartened seeing some people running their mouths out there. Someone was given a job, but instead of performing his duties, he was only making cheap talk. Then they start promising they will do this or that,” Uhuru said.

“Why did you not do that when you were in the office? This idea of people making noise here and there…people should stop with their nonsense.”

The president noted that Agriculture CS Peter Munya has only worked for three years but has delivered so much more compared to his deputy who has been in office for eight years but has nothing to show for it.

“Munya has only worked for three years but has delivered a lot. They have been in office for eight years, but what have they accomplished so far?” Uhuru posed.

“Whenever they see someone going through a problem, they claim they will solve the problem. Why didn’t they solve the problems when they were still in the office?”

Uhuru urged Kenyans to make wise decisions ahead of the August elections. The head of state reminded Kenyans their future was at stake.

While noting he was not forcing anyone to support a particular candidate, the president challenged Kenyans to weigh their leaders before electing them.

“…but just as I have said, it is all in your hands. I have forced no one into anything, but I have only asked you to think.

With only a few days left to the August general election, the irreparable rift between Uhuru and his deputy is continuing to turn for the worse.

Uhuru’s remarks come shortly after Ruto threatened to probe Uhuru’s actions and policies if he wins the August election and also promised to reverse several policies initiated by his boss in the same government he serves.