Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition presidential running mate Martha Karua has poked holes into the Kenya Kwanza Alliance promise to women.

Karua was speaking during an interview in a local radio station where she said the promises Deputy President William Ruto made to women are empty.

She argued that Ruto should have picked a woman as a running mate to show his seriousness about including women in his government.

Karua said if one has a woman as a running mate, it is a sign that they have space for women an not just lip service.

“When you have a woman running mate, it is a sign to more than half of the Kenya’s population that you have space for women. It is not enough for you to offer lip service. It is important to be included right from the beginning,” Karua said.

The former Minister for Justice and Constitution and Justice affairs said Raila Odinga proved he internalised the Constitution by picking her as his running mate.

“Having a woman running mate is a sign that you have internalised the Constitution and the will of the people. The Constitution is the covenant of the people,” Karua said.

Karua affirmed that their administration will ensure Kenyan women and youth prosper by providing opportunities for them, ridding the country of corruption and removing all other barriers that inhibit the distribution of resources.

“We have government policies in place to provide opportunities for the youth and women, but pretenders are taking them up. Getting rid of corruption and other barriers will ensure resources are distributed to the deserving evenly,” Karua said.