Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition presidential running mate Martha Karua has faulted Deputy President William Ruto for trying to outshine his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, during their second term.

Karua was speaking at ABC Wote during the installation of the Rt. Rev Dr. Meshack Mukwilu as Bishop of ABC Makuni County on Friday.

She said the work of the deputy president is to assist his boss in performing his duties and not trying to become the boss.

The former Gichugu MP advised that if one agrees to deputise someone, then they should play that role in every area until another boss comes up.

She decried Ruto's moves that made the country look like it had lost its bearing.

"It is like we are confused in the country. We do not know the chain of command. If you have agreed to be a deputy, be the deputy in all areas until the time you get another post," Karua said.

Karua said there is no way the country could move forward if leaders do not understand what their roles are and the workings of a government.

While acknowledging her selection as Raila Odinga’s running mate and a potential deputy president, Karua pledged to play her role under Raila to the latter and follow the chain of command.

She advised that in-house differences should be ironed out amicably and with humility.

"I have been called to be a running mate and a deputy. Therefore, I have to follow the chain of command. If it is not like that, things cannot go well. Even in the house, people live in humility," Karua said.

"In the family, people live by being humble. Even when brothers and sisters have differences in the house, they solve their issues in humility.”

Karua was speaking against the backdrop of the fallout between Uhuru and Ruto that took centre stage in their second term and saw the two former allies become indifferent to each other.

They have been attacking each other at any slight opportunity they find.

She emphasised on humility and said as the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition goes around the country popularising Raila’s presidential bid, they will remain humble.