The National Police Service (NPS) has come out to defend the police officer who was involved in a scuffle with a motorist in Nakuru that saw the man pounced on hard by three officers.  

According to NPS, the motorist, who is yet to be named, had been overlapping at Barnabas on the Nairobi-Nakuru before he was stopped by the officer who is arguing with him in the video.

NPS claims the three officers seen in the video clip recorded by KBC correspondent were only subduing the suspect before arresting him.

“The said motorist was stopped while overlapping along the busy Nairobi Nakuru highway. Upon stopping he assaulted the police officer,” said NPS in a tweet.

Police say members of the public alerted of the motorist who was allegedly violating traffic rules in the incident that happened on Wednesday and that he had been arraigned in Nakuru.

“Members of the public alerted the rest of the officers who were on the opposite side of the road. The officers gave a reinforcement and managed to subdue him and effected his arrest. The incident took place on Wednesday 23rd December 2020 and the accused arraigned in court on 24th December 2020,” added NPS.

NPS added that some members of the public had already volunteered and recorded statements with the police in support of their position, saying the viral clip does not capture the full story.

“Members of the public who witnessed the incident voluntered to record statements. The video circulating has not shown the full incident as it occured. The @IG_NPS has warned members of the public against assaulting Police officers in uniform and on duty.”

“Individuals with complaints to follow proper laid down channels as It is uncalled for arrogance and impunity. @NPSOfficial_KE remains committed to discharge it's mandate without fear or favor.”

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has condemned the motorist, urging members of the public to respect police officers on duty.

"Public is urged to respect rights, long working hours and endurance of police officers as they enforce traffic laws on our roads at this festive season of Christmas,"  NPSC tweeted on Saturday.


In the video clip captured by Simon Ben, a cop is seen arguing with the motorist then manhandles him before he is joined by two colleagues and they proceed to beat up the suspect.