A man almost disrupted the late, retired President Mwai Kibaki's state funeral at the Nyayo stadium on Friday after President Uhuru Kenyatta's speech

Allan Makanda, the same man who stripped and cried outside the Parliament Buildings on Tuesday as he was waiting in line to view the body of the late, Kibaki almost interrupted the proceedings of Kibaki’s state funeral.

Makanda advanced to the podium where the Archbishop Anthony Muheria of Nyeri was addressing the congregation and requested permission to address the people gathered at the Nyayo Stadium to pay their last respects to the late Kibaki.

Makanda requested to make a few remarks for two minutes before the security personnel whisked him away.

“Allow me just two minutes to make a few remarks,” Makanda requested.

The archbishop hugged Makanda and escorted him out of the podium and went back to address the congregants asking for understanding, saying Makanda was emotional and should be treated well.

"He is a Kenyan and a son of our nation. He is emotional at the loss of our President. Treat him well," Muheria said.

Makanda who hails from Bungoma said on Tuesday that he has lived with the idea that he is a distant grandchild and therefore asked the security officials to allow him to view the body of his ‘grandfather’

"I have been living with a mentality that I am a distant grandchild of Kibaki so give me a chance to see his body,” Makanda said.