Health experts have warned Kenya may not be out of the woods yet, as they predict the possibility of the 6th wave of Covid-19.

This is according to the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) committee, a professional community in the lake region which noted several factors that contribute to the volatile situation.

The factors LREB listed include public defiance of public health protocols and guidelines, political activities, school reopening and the low rate of vaccination.

LREB predicted the 6th wave is likely to start at the end of April, reach the peak around May mid-month and fade at the beginning of June.

The LREB Committee chairperson Khama Rogo in his 15th advisory, said that the 6th Covid-19 wave may last for about 40 days however, it will be milder than the previous ones.

He warned that the daily average infections will be 500 and projected that about 20,000 people will be infected with the Coronavirus. Rogo also estimated that a total of 348 deaths will occur during the 6th wave.

“The likely daily average infections will be 500 and the number of people projected to get the virus is 20,000, with total fatalities in the entire period being 349,” Roga said.

Rogo emphasised the need for increased vaccination campaigns targeting the elderly and individuals with health-related complications.

“We should increase vaccination efforts, especially booster shots for adults, particularly the high-risk groups,” Rogo said.