The UDA National Election Board has nullified the nomination of Nandi Hills Member of Parliament Alfred Keter.

The UDA party Electoral and Nominations Dispute Resolution Committee nullified Keter’s nomination after he was declared the winner in the primaries on Tuesday after flooring his closest opponent Bernard Kitur and others, including Robert Chepkwony, George Tarus, Abraham Limo and Irene Chemutai.

However, Kitur appealed the results of the nominations that saw Keter being given the interim nomination certificate to the dispute committee, claiming the process was tainted with election malpractices.

He alleged there were instances in which ballot papers were stuffed and massive delays in the result transmission.

The committee concurred with Kitur’s allegation, confirming that there were some polling stations that had insufficient ballot papers, which in turn denied many voters the chance to exercise their rights.

"We are satisfied that the allegations of ballot stuffing and delays in transmission have been proven. The same violates Articles10, 15(5), (6) of the Rules, Articles 29 and 30 of the Constitution; Rules 5,9, 19, 20 and other provisions of the party code of conduct, and contravenes sections 3, 10, 11 and 20 of the Election Offences Act," read the committee’s findings.

The committee also said that it considered facts that were brought before it through submissions made by parties and became convinced that the allegations affected the outcome of the exercise.

"We have considered the various submissions made by parties and the evidence before us. We are convinced beyond doubt that the allegations substantially affected the results and impeached the integrity of the outcome," the committee said.