Jubilee Party has responded to Deputy William Ruto’s aspersions about the cost of living in the country.

Through its Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni, the party said that despite Ruto being a deputy president; he offers no solutions but complaints.

“It is sad that despite Mr. Ruto being the second in command in the government, he has become a serial complainer instead of offering practical solutions to Kenyans,” Kioni said.

Kioni said the deputy president was taking advantage of the plight of Kenyans to gain political milage masquerading as their saviour.

He challenged the deputy president to step down from his position and become an ordinary citizen instead of enjoying the perks that come with his position of deputy president at the expense of the taxpayers.

“Ruto should make a choice, to be an ordinary citizen who holds no office or be the second in command, paid by the taxpayers to address challenges facing the country. Mr. Ruto, as the Deputy President, cannot pretend to pose the same questions as Wanjiku would,” Kioni said.

The Secretary-General further listed some expenses the deputy president is incurring to the detriment of Kenyans including his recent trip to the US and the UK and logistics involved in his campaigns.

Kioni told Ruto that a leader offers practical solutions instead of empty rhetoric and referred to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s signing of five parliamentary bills that, among other things, sought to address public needs.

He said Ruto convening a press briefing after Uhuru rolled out the measures to resolve the pressing needs in Kenya raise more questions than answers.

Kioni added it was hypocritical of Ruto to insult the same government he is enjoying benefits from and uses its facilities.

He challenged Ruto to either resign or resume his constitutional duties.

“It is hypocritical for the Deputy President to stand on the staircase of a government house, enjoying government security and staffing only to insult the same government he should be serving Mr. Ruto has two clear choices, occupy his dusty office at Harambee House and help the President dispense his mandate to the people of Kenya, as he constitutionally should, or resign from his position and lead the opposition atop his tax-funded top of the range Land Cruiser,” Kioni added.