Politicians in Azimio la Umoja have challenged Deputy President William Ruto to resign if he cannot continue being part of the Jubilee government.

The politicians were speaking in response to Ruto’s speech during his endorsement as UDA’s presidential candidate at Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani on Tuesday.

Ruto chided President Uhuru Kenyatta, claiming Jubilee’s second term as a government was a waste.

The Member of Parliament for Ugunja constituency Opiyo Wandai said Ruto should resign with immediate effect since he has accepted UDA nomination as its presidential flag-bearer and he is no longer a member of Jubilee on whose ticked he was elected.

Wandai emphasised that his failure to resign would confirm how unprincipled and opportunistic he is.

"Anything short of that simply confirms how unprincipled and opportunistic he is," Wandai said.

Makueni Member of Parliament Dan Maanzo deemed the deputy president a political cry baby who should just throw in the towel.

Maanzo also asked Ruto to resign if he was not happy with the changes. Maanzo also pointed out that it is Ruto who walked out on Uhuru.

"He is just a cry baby. If he is not happy with the new development, he should just resign. This is a man who walked out on the President," Maanzo said.

ANC nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi said Ruto had no moral authority to question the same government he serves on matters to do with corruption.

“Dr Ruto has no moral authority to question the government that he is serving on matters corruption, rule of law and governance,” Osotsi said.

Alego Usonga MP Sam Atandi said lost all hope and told his supporters that he had been outwitted and they should be ready to be in opposition.

“He has simply told his supporters that all roads are blocked, that he has been outwitted and the only weapon he is left with is prayers. He has also told his supporters to get ready for the opposition,” Atandi said.