President Uhuru Kenyatta has told off his critics mainly from the Kenya Kwanza brigade that he has no project contrary to popular belief in the DP William Ruto-led team.

Uhuru was speaking in Mombasa where he went to officially open the 2022 Health Workforce Conference.

He said he does not have a project and refused to engage his critics on the matter as he was busy working for the country.

Uhuru revealed he told his critics before to hold their political horses and work to deliver their promises to Kenyans and that politics was a marathon race.

“I do not have anyone’s project, but I will check. I will vote for someone I trust. And if there is a person or two who will listen to me, I will tell them this is my preference,” Uhuru said.

The Head of State said he is Kenyan and therefore has a right to choose his preferred candidate and vote for them.

"I have one vote, yes, the way people have been saying outside there. But even if it is one vote, I have a right to choose who I will vote for because I am also a Kenyan," Uhuru said.

Uhuru emphasised the need for unity amongst Kenyans. He said if it was not for unity and working together with everyone from across political divides the government would not have achieved its development projects as much as it has.

He said any country that spends much time in politics compromises its growth and development.

"If it was not for us coming together and working with our colleagues from various political divide, we would not have accomplished what we have accomplished so far because where will a country that engages in politics round the clock find time for working and development," Uhuru said.