Media Council of Kenya (MCK) will contact a training to media practitioners and media houses about election reporting starting from January next year.

The program aims at ensuring that journalists and other media practitioners are well equipped with skills as the country heads towards the August 2022 general election.

MCK CEO David Omwoyo said during the national delegates conference that as media, they have been neglected in the whole process of election preparedness and will only be blamed when things goes sour.

“The media is always left to operate as the cheering squad during elections and blamed when chaos erupt. We have initiated measures to address this by ensuring professional coverage of elections”, said Omwoyo.

Omwoyo said that the council will use all means to ensure that journalist are well equipped with skills using the recently launched guidelines for election coverage.

He also said that as a council, they have received various allegations relating to lack of news balancing in some media houses in the Country.

He has called upon journalist to ensure equality when reporting stories as Kenyans prepare to go for general election.

He said that the council will partner with other stakeholders to ensure integrity, accountability and transparency ahead of the general elections.