David Ndii, Deputy President William Ruto’s economic advisor, sensationally revealed on Thursday that fighting corruption is not a top priority for UDA party.

Ndii has instead told off those challenging Ruto’s party on its commitment to fight corruption to look for anti-corruption champions elsewhere. 

“UDA is not the place to look for anti-corruption champions. Why do so many people seem unable to deal with so obvious a truth?” he posed on Twitter.

Shocked by his revelations, a Twitter user going by the name @pixleykabs asked: “You have just confirmes that UDA means Ufisadi Daima Alliance and that its full of corrupt chaps!!! Sad day for kenya.”

To which Ndii responded, “You are hard of hearing. We are saying without apologies @UDAKenya we are running on #BottomUpEconomicsKE Corruption is not OUR priority. Those who want to run on it can do so. Our position is combating corruption is mandate of oversight bodies & criminal justice system.”

He challenged those looking for someone who will eradicate graft in Kenya to vote for ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga, who is the Azimio La Umoja Movement presidential candidate.

“If you are looking for an anti-corruption platform don’t support @UDAKenya. We are not running on that platform If you believe Raila will eradicate corruption support him. If you think Kenya needs fresh clean leadership support @ReubenKigame But for chrissake stop whining,” he went on.

The controversy-courting economist added, “In @UDAKenya our top priority is #BottomUpEconomicsKE Meaningless anti-corruption rhetoric and virtue signalling we have left to Raila and NGOs who are funded for it.”

His vivid remarks have elicited varied reactions with majority criticizing him for his position.