A botched robbery at an engineering company in Mukuru kwa Reuben turned tragic fast on Tuesday morning and left one gangster dead.

Thugs armed with crude weapons gained entry into David Engineering company and met the wrath of the security guard in charge.

The security guard identified as Ondieki had noticed the thugs’ activities and saw them jump over the perimeter fence.

He issued a warning to the criminals not to move an inch further but the undeterred thugs defied his directive and rapidly advanced towards him.

A scuffle ensued and that’s when one thug attempted to stab Ondieki using a knife.

Ondieki ducked leaving the other criminal exposed to the dagger and the weapon went straight to his right eye, killing him on the spot.

Upon realising the turn of events, the thug dropped his weapon and fled the scene as the security guard was hot on his heels.

The brave guard later went to the hospital and received treatment for minor injuries he sustained during his encounter with the ruthless criminals.

Crime Scene Detectives visited the scene, processed it and recovered the murder weapon and are dusting it for fingeprints that may lead to the arrest of the escaped killer robber.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has honoured Ondieki for his bravery with an invitation to its Christmas celebration party to encourage him in the execution of his duties.