Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga has officially announced his bid to run for the presidency in 2022 elections for the 5th time, an event that took place at Kasarani Sport Center, Nairobi County.

Raila applauded the sitting President Uhuru Kenyatta for the foresight and sense of patriotism in initiating the dialogue that led to the handshake, saying it takes a seasoned statesman to shake the hand of his rival.

The ODM leader said if elected as the fifth president of the Republic of Kenya, he will prioritize the welfare of the people by generating avenues for productivity through job creation program under Kazi Kwa Wote Initiative.

For the common mwananchi, Raila said he will introduce Inua Jamii, Pesa Mfukoni, which will be a social protection program that will deliver Sh6000 per month to 2M of the country’s most needy families.

To provide better health care to those families which can not pay bills after receiving treatment, Odinga said he will introduce 'BabaCare’, which will scale up the Universal Health Care pilot program to the rest of the country.

To ensure that devolved governments runs their daily activities, Raila said he will implement One County, One Product, which he believes that the idea of devolution in Kenya has the transformative potential of rich mineral mines, abundant oilfields and other traditional markers of a nation’s affluence.

To arid and semi arid regions, the ODM leader said his government will implement 'Maji Kwa Kila Boma', the program that will radically reverse the artificial shortages and high cost of water, particularly for the poor communities.

Raila has promised that his government will ensure Kenyan Child gets a better education by deploying enough teachers as well as providing security in regions where children have not been able to go to school due to insecurity threats.

Summing up his agenda, Raila said he is in presidential race to mold one indivisible nation.

He said that he is not at war with personalities, but at war with ideologies that would lead this nation in the wrong direction.

Raila said he will be unveiling a detailed manifesto addressing other critical concerns like corruption, public debt, industrialization, digital economy and promotion, protection of business particularly private property.