The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has cautioned the public to be more careful when shopping for goods online especially during the festive season.

This comes after they have received many reports from many clients who got scammed after ordering products on social networking sites but got a rude shock when they received something far from what they had ordered.

“As we approach the festive season, members of the public are advised to be careful when shopping for goods online. We have received numerous reports from clients who ordered for goods advertised on social networking sites especially on Instagram, but the goods were either not delivered or the quality not similar to what was advertised,” DCI tweeted.

The DCI Identified Instagram and the social networking site where such scams are pulled and mostly ladies shopping for trendy outfits and jewellery are the vulnerable population to the scams.

“Many Kenyans especially ladies shopping for trendy outfits and jewellery, have fallen victim and lost their money through such frauds,” DCI said.

Many people have lost a lot of money to such online scammers who disappear with money or deliver sub-standard items.

The DCI is therefore advising the public to be more careful when making online purchases and verify the identity of the sellers and the address of their businesses.

They also warn against the temptation of sending money to any sellers before verification of their identities.

“Resist the temptation to send money to perceived genuine dealers, who later turn out to be cons,” DCI added.

The number of online scams has increased since social media platforms can now be used and markets to reach a wider population.