Alan Donovan, the founder and owner of the most photographed house in Africa - the African Heritage Estate - is dead.

Donovan passed away peacefully in his sleep at his Mlolongo, Athi River home on Sunday morning.

African Héritage Estates Manager Tom Otieno confirmed Donovan’s passing at the age of 83.

He held his first exhibition of art and material culture from the Turkana and other peoples of Northern Kenya in October 1970.

Donovan co-founded The African Heritage Gallery alongside Joseph Murumbi, who was Kenya’s first Vice-President, and his wife Sheila Murumbi.

They together created the African Heritage House that overlooks the Nairobi National Park and is home to priceless African art collections.

African Heritage House. PHOTO/COURTESY

Donovan, together with Murumbi’s wife Sheila, opened African Heritage, the first Pan African gallery on the African continent, in 1972.

Through the African Heritage, Donovan played a unique role in the cultural affairs of Kenya and fostering the ideals of Pan Africanism with Murumbi.

Donovan dedicated his life to collecting African art and preserving the African Heritage.