A woman has sued Narok Senator Ledama Olekina for child support accusing him of neglecting her and their son after parting ways.

Esther Wanjiru went to court to have the senator compelled to pay Sh200,000 monthly in child support for their one-year-old son as they await a full hearing of the case.

Wanjiru also wants Ledama to pay their child's school fees, include him in his medical cover among other related expenses.

She claims to have had a romantic relationship with the lawmaker which commenced in September 2019 and terminated in July 2020 when he called it quits.

However, according to Wanjiru, by the time the relationship ended she had already conceived the senator's son.

According to documents presented in court, she claims Ledama severed all forms of communication with her as soon as she infortmed him she was expectant with their child.

"When I conceived and realised I was pregnant, I immediately informed the respondent that he was going to be a father. But to my dismay and utter shock, he cut off communication with me,” the court documents read in part.

The woman also claims her efforts to reach the vocal lawmaker have proved futile and that she did not receive any financial or emotional support from Ledama during her pregnancy.

“In the best interest of the minor, the plaintiff has tried reaching out to the defendant through all available means to no avail,” Wanjiru said. 

In a letter she reportedly sent to the MP through her lawyer Kepher Ojijo, which was presented in court, she demanded a monthly upkeep of Sh350,000 while urgong Senator Ledama to support their son.

The following is a breakdown of how the Sh350,000 Wanjiru demanded is to be split;

  1. House help - Sh17,000 
  2. Food - Sh50,000
  3. Medical - Sh40,000
  4. Shelter - Sh80,000
  5. Clothing - Sh50,000
  6. Entertainment- Sh43,000
  7. Utilities - Sh50,000 
  8. Service charge- Sh20,000.

The case is scheduled to be heard on January 11, 2022 after the matter certified as urgent.