William Kabogo has trashed claims that United Democratic Alliance party has gained immense grounds in the Mount Kenya region.

The former governor of Kiambu County said the people from the vote-rich region will vote for candidates based on their future plans to improve the standards of living for the people of Mount Kenya.

“There is nothing like a UDA wave in Mt. Kenya. The people of the region are going to elect leaders based on their capacity to improve their livelihoods,” Kabogo said.

He reiterated that the Mount Kenya people will not entertain foreign parties as far as gubernatorial, senatorial, national assembly and county assembly elective positions are concerned.

However, he said they will relinquish the presidency to foreign political parties as they reserve the other seats for their parties.

“We are not going to give away our elective seats to foreign parties. Our people are going to elect governors, senators, MPs and MCAs. In fact, we have said we shall give them the presidency but the other seats belong to our parties,” he said.

The Jujibebe party leader downplayed the inquiry of his political aspirations come 2022 instead said it was too early. He said currently he is focused on growing Tujibebe Party.

Kabogo said he would hold the government to account if only about 20 people went to the national assembly on his party’s ticket.

“Imagine if I get like 20 MPs in parliament. I will ensure that I hold the government to account,” Kabogo said.

He urged Kenyans to vote wisely in the 2022 general elections failure to which they will have to bear with the consequences of electing terrible leaders for five years.

“Choices have consequences. Sow bad leadership and you will harvest bad leadership. We do elections and we start complaining the following day,” he cautioned.