Police in Tana River County are looking for a prisoner who duped officers that he wanted to use the toilet only to use his poop to attack one of them before managing to escape custody on Monday. 

19-year-old Abdul Awadh, who was being held at Bura Police Station, asked to use a nearby toilets before committing the nasty act and getting away with police hot on his heels.

According to a police report, Awadh was under the watch of police constable Antony Wanjau who had granted him the permission and even escorted him to use the facility at around 7am.

“The prisoner took too long and when the officer enquired why the prisoner opened the doors of the toilet and smeared the officer with his faeces on the face and started running away,” part of the report reads.

Efforts by Constable Wanjau to recapture Awadh proved futile and by the time he raised alarm and his colleagues responded the inmate had already jumped over the fence and disappeared into nearby bushes.

The nasty incident involving the prisoner who was already facing assault charges was reported at Bura police station under OB 12/30/11/2020.