A form four student at Siongiroi area in Chepalungu, Bomet County has been stabbed to death following a scuffle over a woman in a bar.

The 24 year old was apparently jabbed twice in the neck by an unknown person after they disagreed over a woman perceived to be relatively new in the area.

Confirming the incident, Siongiroi area Chief Joseph Ngeno said that the cuts on his neck were deep which showed he was stabbed with a sharp knife.

  “The cuts are deep, which shows he was stabbed with a sharp knife, the blood spilled all over the place even some drops have been traced to Siongiroi health center where he was rushed by some Good Samaritan,” said the area chief Joseph Ngeno.

The woman who is reportedly to have moved in Siongiroi area from Sotik fled after witnessing the incident.

The deceased has been identified as a day scholar at Kapsinendet Secondary school in Chepalungu Sub- County.

Security officers in Chepalungu are currently holding a male suspect who is assisting with the investigations.

The Sub County police boss Nelson Masai has said he has dispatched more officers to the ground to conduct further investigation.