Nakuru based detectives are hot on the heels of a six-man gang that held a family hostage all night long in a daring robbery in Nakuru's Bahati Estate.

The machete-wielding gang came calling on Tuesday night at around 9:00 pm. They accosted the family of seven while the family was enjoying their favourite TV program.

They descended on the man of the house, inflicting grievous harm on him before tying up his wife and the entire family.

The gang took their time in ransacking the house for over 9 hours, packing four TV sets that were mounted on various rooms in the house.

They also took four mobile phones, three gas cylinders, a laptop, fridge, mortar, bicycle, assorted pieces of clothing, among other valuable items.

The gang also transferred a total of Sh141,800 from the daughter’s accounts; Sh80,000 from the M-PESA account and Sh61,800 from her bank account.

As if that was not enough, the miscreants still had the audacity to pack their bountiful harvest into the family’s Nissan NV200 van, which they turned into their escape vehicle and fled the scene at around 5:45 am.

The family somehow managed to free themselves long after the thugs had scrammed and immediately reported the case at Bahati Police station. The detectives promptly initiated a manhunt for the gang.

After hours of rigorous pursuit, the detectives found the stolen van abandoned by the roadside at the Tuinuane area in Nakuru.

The police are still making efforts to apprehend the suspects and recover the stolen items as the man whose family was held hostage is recuperating at a local hospital.