The government has formed a multi-agency team to probe child trafficking after an exposé by BBC on the theft of babies in Nairobi.

The BBC story exposed a thriving racket of theft and sale of babies in the city and Labour CS Simon Chelugui assured of a thorough probe.

BBC aired an investigative documentary that shared horrific tales of how mother lost their children for good to ruthless baby stealers.

Shockingly, the piece revealed how the stolen babies were later sold for between Sh45,000 and Sh80,000 and depending on the gender.

“A team of officers and experts from various government agencies has been constituted to exhaustively investigate the allegations carried out and take necessary action,” said Chelugui.

He assured, “We will do everything possible to get to the bottom of the issue of child trafficking.”

Chelugui said the government had inducted steps to tame rising cases of baby theft in Kenya, including amending child adoption policies.

“Three weeks ago, Cabinet approved the new Children’s Act 2020, which speaks to issues of adoption of children, guardianship, children’s institutions and including violence against children,” he added.

The CS added that his ministry was working with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Judiciary to deal with child theft cases.

In the BBC Africa Eye piece, women told of how their babies were stolen by brazen thieves who targeted homeless women on the streets.

The story also captured some medics at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital taking part in the racket as well as a woman in a street clinic in Kayole.

The stolen infants are sold to the highest bidders, including childless couples and shady figures who use the babies in dark world sacrifices.