Migori town has been brought to a standstill following protests over the increased fuel price.

Sources say the protests are being led by Migori taxi drivers.


The taxi drivers have been joined by boda boda riders and the town residents.

The protestors have barricaded the Migori bridge, severing the transport operation to the border town of Sirare.


This came after protests were witnessed in the nearby Awendo town on Wednesday.

A section of Kenyans has made calls for a nationwide demonstration from Thursday noon where motorists are urged to park their vehicles wherever they are in the middle of the roads and paralyze transport.

Reports of protests over the fuel prices from across the country are also coming in. 


Matatu operators have also vowed to paralyze transport operations in protest.

However, the Chairman Matatu Owners Association, Simon Kimutai has dismissed the strike and directed members to continue with work.