Deputy President William Ruto addressed the media at his Karen Residence just a day after the Court of Appeal threw out the constitutional amendment bill dubbed BBI.

He lauded the seven-judge bench for upholding the High Court’s ruling that declared the BBI process illegal.

Ruto who was among the antagonists of the BBI process said the landmark ruling made by the Court of Appeal reaffirmed Kenya’s rule of law and the sovereignty of the people and the constitution is prevailing.

Ruto also reiterated a popular saying that has become common since the fall of BBI that no one has won or lost rather it was a win–win for the people and the constitution.

“The people have won, the Constitution has won and the rule of law has prevailed,” Ruto said.

Ruto urged the political class to set down down their battle standards and shed their partisan armour in favour of uniting to actualize the aspiration ‘Wanjiku’

The DP called out the government to re-embark on its commitment to achieving the Big Four Agenda. He faulted the leadership for focusing their energies and resources towards the BBI instead of following the Big Four Agenda.

“We must urgently retrace our path to the big 4 agenda with packaged comprehensive raft of policy interventions,” Ruto said.

Ruto also intimated that he had a talk with legislators and they came to an agreement to fast-track the long-awaited NHIF act changes in a bid to unlock the potential of achieving Universal Health Care in the country.

On matter COVID-19, the DP said Kenya needs to focus its energy and resources on mass vaccination to speed up the journey back to normalcy and to be at par with the rest of the global nations that are on the track to recovery.

“We must now focus our energy and resources on mass vaccination in order to return our people to work and catch up with global nations that are already catching the rhythm,” he said.

Ruto emphasized the need to address the problems facing the youth whom he said are gravely affected by the state of affairs in the country.

He called upon the youth to rise to the creation of a new Kenya. He asked the youth to resist marginalization and refuse to be sidelined.

“Today, I call on each and every young person in our country to step forward, stand up to be counted, summon their energy, talent and knowledge to imagine, fashion and create a new Kenya,” he added.

Ruto also criticized politicians who are now focused on hammering out coalition and power-sharing deals in lieu of providing ideas and opportunities for the benefit of the citizens.

“The nation we envision is focused on success through enterprise, not largesse from patronage and is committed to fundamental and inclusive economic transformation, not opportunistic coalitions to rig the system against the people,” he said.

He said an alliance of all Kenyans must be built with the young people at the core so that their creativity can be tapped.