The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has responded claiming that they recovered more than Sh6 million from the chambers of Judges Aggrey Muchelule and Juma Chitembwe.

According to an affidavit presented in court, Chief Inspector Felix Karisa Banzi said they recovered $7,000 from Justice Chitembwe’s chambers and $50,000 from Justice Aggrey Muchelule’s chambers.

“That the search at chambers 230 and on the person of the occupants resulted to the seizure of among others…USD 50,000 on the person of a lady present in the chamber and USD 7,000 on the person of 2nd interested party himself,” the affidavit read in part.

Muchelule and Chitembwe were listed as the first and second interested parties in the case filed by the Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KJMA) challenging the arrest of the two.

KJMA obtained orders barring DCI and DPP from arresting and prosecuting Muchelule and Chitembwe pending the hearing and determination of the case.

The matter was mentioned on Thursday and the court extended directing that the respondents to filing their responses in 15 days and serve all parties.

Banzi said he has been investigating after receiving complaints and information regarding individuals that behaved more or less like brokers who approached a section of judges and judicial officers with the intent of tilting the balance of justice in the various matters before the court.

He stated that on July 21, 2021; he received additional information that one of the complainants had scheduled meetings with particular judges and the brokers after a figure of Sh7 million was settled on and was to be delivered to the judge’s house in the evening.

The 7 pm meeting was, however, rescheduled hastily switched to Milimani Law Courts Chamber 235 at 7:45 am.

He cited that as being reason enough for the DCI to obtain a search warrant for the chambers due time for the meeting.

From the above it is clear for DCI to obtain a search warrant in time for the stated meeting,” he added.

Banzi also refuted claims that the two judges were arrested and affirmed that the DCI is undertaking legitimate and lawful investigations into the corruption allegations.

He also said appropriate action will be taken in consultation with other relevant agencies once the investigations are complete.

Banzi declared that the application was an attempt to frustrate the DCI’s efforts to discharge its mandate.