President Uhuru Kenyatta is still in the coastal region on an official tour. 

Uhuru was at the Kasidi Primary School in Kaloleni, Kilifi county on Thursday, July 22, 2021, where he issued 2,169 title land title deeds to Rabai residents in Kilifi County.


The president and his entourage were received by the Kilifi County Governor, Amason Jeffa Kingi.

Accompanying the president were Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and Lands CS Farida Karoney.

While issuing the title deeds, Uhuru cautioned the new title deed holders against being enticed into selling their birthright for momentary pleasure.

He also noted that the title deeds were worth billions of shillings, but only if they are committed to proper use. 

An acre of land n Rabai is valued at Sh675,000 and each household received a 1.8-acre piece. That means each is worth Sh1.3 million. The president awarded Rabai residents land whose total value is Sh4.2 million.

“When we finish this event, the residents of Rabai would be worth Shs 4.2 billion. The question is if you have received a title deed and you have heard of its worth, are you going to use it to improve your lives or you are going to sell it and make yourself happy then in December you will start looking for another place to be a squatter,” he asked.


Uhuru said the title deeds offer great potential for the transformation of the lives of the holders and their dependents.

According to projections by land valuers, land prices are estimated to triple in the next 6 months because of high demand from developers. Should that be the case then a 1.8-acre piece will translate into Sh3.6 million in 6 months.

The appreciation of the value of land in Rabai will open doors for bank loans to double the value which denotes investment opportunities for the residents of Rabai.

"For an individual to have a title deed, means the end of poverty. It assures them of settlement. It means they won't worry that they are squatters but rather they will know that the place they are living in their home and thus put up a permanent homestead," Uhuru added.


The president also recognized how sensitive the matter of land is at the Coast and hailed the coastal leaders for their support of the government’s efforts to address the matter through discourse.

“The issue of land has been a source of discord, tribalism and chaos here at the Coast region. That’s why when I took over the country’s leadership, I promised to bring a solution to the issue rather than continue discussing it,” the President said.

The host Governor Amason Jeffa Kingi proposed a vote of thanks to the president for prioritizing the settlement of landless people at the Coast and throughout Kenya. 

He noted that during Uhuru’s tenure, more Coast residents than ever have had the chance to hold their title deeds. 

“For 50 years, the Coast Region received only 230,000 title deeds but from 2013 to date, the Coast has received 500,000 title deeds in 9 years. In Kilifi between 1963 and 2012 the County received 52,000 title deeds while since 2013 to-date the region has received 100,000 title deeds,” said Kingi.