Drama was witnessed in Kayole, Nairobi County after a man who refused to pay a saloonist for services rendered faced the wrath.

According to the short clip making rounds online, the male client is accused of failing to pay the the money owed by the saloonist.

The woman then was forced to to get help from her boyfriend who caught the male client and angrily cut off the dreadlocks.

In the video the man can be seen cutting off the dreadlocks which were allegedly gotten by the man from the woman.

The man had no mercies even after the man helplessly begged for forgiveness while promising to to pay them.

“Sijakataa kulipa nitaalipa, sijakuwa na kazi miezi kadhaa, nitawalipa nikipata pesa”.

The angry boyfriend did not want to listen to any of the cries and continued cutting them off using a pair of scissors.