A frustrated police officer, attached to the Mombasa County Traffic Department, has released a song titled 'Kilio Changu' which loosely translates to 'My cry'

The music video was shared by a Kenyan on social media platforms led by Twitter.

Constable Viviana Williams has recently hit the headlines after a video she recorded in which she lamented about the frustrations she and other police in the force are undergoing went viral.

In the video, Vivian alleged she was a victim of sexual harassment and discrimination by her bosses in the National Police Service.

She also alleged in that video that she had been writing letters to the Inspector General of Police, Hilary Mutyambai tendering her resignation but the bosses in question keep intercepting them.

In the video to her song, Viviana is still emphasising the fact that she is tired and should be allowed to leave the force.

She says in her song that there are many officers like her who are suffering under their bosses but cannot speak out for fear of losing their jobs.

Her initial video caught the attention of the IG who ordered a probe into Viviana's sexual harassment claims.

A fortnight ago, Mutyambai made an announcement prohibiting police officers from discussing their challenges via social media.

His announcement made revealing data on police matters without legitimate powers an offence.

Several police officers had taken to social media to lament about the frustrations they were facing while serving in the police force.