Rwanda has approved the production and use of marijuana.

The Rwandan government approved the cultivation of the controversial plant for export only.

Medicinal use and recreational use however remain illegal in the country.

Rwandan Health Minister Dr Daniel Ngamije said that the use of marijuana in the county remains prohibited although the government intends to profit from its production and export.

He warned that the approval does not give an excuse for drug abuse or trade as the law against narcotics is still in place.

Rwanda is targeting to grow its proceeds from the exportation of marijuana in the global cannabis market.

According to research New Frontier Data analysis, the global cannabis market is currently valued at $345 billion.

President Paul Kagame chaired the cabinet meeting that approved the regulatory guidelines on cultivation, processing and export of what they classify as high-value therapeutic crops.

A section of the Rwandan population has been thrown into confusion at the government’s approval of the production of marijuana citing the detrimental effects it may have to the youth if not properly controlled.

Marijuana is legalized in dozens of states across the US for either recreational and medicinal purposes while only 5 countries in Africa have legalized its use including; Lesotho, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and Malawi.

Representatives of the Rastafarian community in Kenya filed a petition at the Milimani Law Courts praying for the legalization of marijuana on May 17, 2021.