The police arrested two masquerading suspects as they were plotting to commit crimes in Langata.

The two suspects namely Peter Omweno Momanyi 24, and his accomplice John Muchiri 25, were arrested by a keen Langata based police officer.

The vigilant and keen officer noticed something unusual about Momanyi, who was dressed as a woman.

He turned and asked the two to stop, but they sensed danger and took to their heels.

The officer pursued the two and arrested them just a few meters past the Mbagathi bridge.

Upon conducting a shakedown on the two, the officer retrieved crude weapons from Momanyi; a knife and a chain. Also recovered from the two was a Maasai sword (njora).

Police also established that the duo is fit to the description of suspects who waylay members of the public who jog along Langata and Mbagathi road in the early morning and in the late evening.

Momanyi and Kimani were put into custody and arraigned in court yesterday.

Cases of attacks on morning joggers have been rampant recently.