The Member of Parliament for Embakasi East Constituency Babu Owino, real name Paul Ongili, recently came out and revealed his dark journey in the world of drug abuse.

Babu who was speaking in an interview admitted that he struggled with substance abuse in his past life.

The enthusiastic MP disclosed that he has used all sorts of controlled substances from bhang, cocaine, heroin and consumed all brands of alcohol.

He however reiterated that he had quit alcohol since mid last year when he announced after he made a realization that I was not fit for him and it led him to wrong decision making.


Owino has also come our hours after the interview in which he revealed his life in drugs to clarify among other things, that his past was not an easy one thus the use of drugs.

He said that the reason for him to share his drug-tainted past was to inspire the youth and prove to them that their future is not determined by their past.

He also dispelled the notion that drugs are only consumed by poor, struggling, ordinary or those whose lives are not so good. He said that drugs know no bounds. 

“Drugs do not distinguish between rich and poor, young and old, male or female; it can affect anybody," said Babu.

Babu who says he is now sober for the past year urged the public to embrace the local brews because they bring people together