Kenya has once again opened its airspace to its neighbouring country, Somalia only a month after banning all flight operations between the two countries.

The Kenyan Foreign Affairs Ministry has said that it has taken into deep consideration the prayers that have been made by affected parties and decided to reopen Kenya’s airspace from mutual flight operations to resume.

Kenya had banned all flight operations between Kenya and its neighbour Somalia, hardly a week after Qatar brokered an understanding during an impasse between the two countries.

The ministry said it made that decision for the improvement of symbiotic relationship and hopes that the gesture will restore the otherwise strained diplomatic relations between Kenya and Somalia.

"The goodwill measure has been taken in the mutual interest of the two East African countries. We hope it will lead to full normalisation of relations, including diplomatic, trade and people-to-people linkages that have undergone undue strain." the ministry said.

The Kenyan government has however clarified that all Covid-19 protocols will still be thoroughly observed for passengers travelling into the country from Somalia.

The Somali government has applauded Kenya’s decision to open its airspace to Somalia and said the move could pave the way for mending the bilateral and diplomatic relations between Kenya and Somalia.

Somalia’s government spokesperson took to his Twitter handle to make comments about Kenya’s gesture.

The bilateral and diplomatic relationship between Kenya and Somalia has in the recent past been alternating between chilly and lukewarm and hit a low in December last year.