French police have arrested two individuals in Drome region, South-Eastern France following an assault launched at the French President Emmanuel Macron by a protestor.

A protestor slapped President Marcon right in the face during a walkabout session in which the president took part in South Eastern France.

The French president was in the South-Eastern region to meet students, restaurant owners and managers to discuss how life is returning to normal after the effects of Covid-19.

As Marcon was walking towards a crowd of supporters who came out to greet him in the village of Tain-l'Hermitage when a protester he reached out to greet turned and slapped him in the face.

President Marcon’s security detail quickly intervened by moving the president away from the protestor and wrestling the protestor to the ground.

The protestor together with another individual were arrested and are currently in police custody being questioned about the incident.

The incident has come when Marcon is about to embark on a tour across France and has presented a security breach in Marcon’s security detail.