A motorcade with President Uhuru Kenyatta found itself in a fix at Lucky Summer in Nairobi after an unidentified man jumped in front of the motorcade forcing it to come to a screeching halt.

The man jumped right onto the road in front of the presidential Land Cruiser while waving his hands causing one of the outriders ahead of the president to almost topple over.

Uhuru’s security team swung into action to contain the situation by grabbing the excited man and shoving him off the road with the help of another police officer manning the road.

Excited residents of Njiru can be seen in the video cheering wildly as the man is led away from the scene, with police not keen to press charges against the said Uhuru supporter.

However, many social media user raised concern over the major presidential security lapse that could have proved disastrous had the man been armed and had ulterior intentions.

It remains a puzzle how the man managed to slip through the heavy police presence stationed along the presidential route and on the presidential motorcade itself.

The incident happened as the Head of State was visiting Lucky Summer estate in Nairobi County to preside over the official opening of the ultra-modern Neema abattoir.

This comes days after a stranger charged towards the presidential dais as he read his speech at the launch of a berth at the Lamu Port before his security team contained the situation.