Three dreadlocked men from Nakuru county have bitterly lamented after police raided their private farm and uprooted bhang plants said to be worth Sh15 million in London Ward.

The men, who were later arrested by DCI detectives, claimed that the quarter-acre marijuana farm belongs to a Community Based Organisation (CBO) based in Nakuru North.

While complaining and protesting against the move, one of them further alleged the police in the area were aware of the marijuana project, claiming to have a letter to prove it.

“How come you people (police) don’t know, and there’s no consultation? That tells me it’s malicious. You don’t consult. Why is this (police) post here, if it does not help, and it is informed about this CBO and its activities? We have planted trees here with them,” he claimed.

The Bhang farm. PHOTO/COURTESY

The man, who was visibly agitated by the bhang destruction, accused the officers of descending on their farm and uprooting the cannabis sativa plant without consulting them.

“I have given you the letter you are asking for. Take it to the court and tell them that it’s the CBO that planted (weed) because you are destroying the CBO’s property,” he added.

The three suspects; Victor Kung’u Wainaina, Broddus Wainaina Kung’u and Dennis Matete, who were found in the compound, are in police custody and will be arraigned in Nakuru.

Here’s the video shared by Citizen tv: