Controversial activist Boniface Mwangi announced he is taking a break from social media.

Mwangi shared a video on his social media handles in which he also announced that he would not be running for any elective position in the coming 2022 elections.

He cited the traumatic experience he underwent during the 2017 elections as his reason for not vying as he has not really recovered. 

“I went through a very traumatic elections. I haven’t really recovered from that experience of the 2017 elections. And for so for the sake of my own healing, for the sake of my own mind, I want to be able to say, I won’t be vying for the next year’s election,” shared Mwangi. 

However, he assured Kenyans that he would still serve in his capacity as an active citizen, continuing with the fight of speaking truth to power outside the political space.

Mwangi also announced his stepping down from the leadership of the Ukweli Party, a political party that he helped founding and naming.

“It breaks my heart to say that I will be stepping down from Ukweli Party as the party leader. A party that I helped found, a party that I helped give a name to because I love the truth. That is is why it is called Ukweli Party,” he announced.

He also said that he will still remain an active member of the party.

Mwangi shared that he has been receiving traumatizing cases from helpless Kenyans and it is breaking and hurting him because he does not have the capacity to handle that as an unemployed citizen.

He reiterated that change in Kenya will come from the younger generation born in the 90s who he described as courageous, demand answers and know how to ask what they believe belongs to them.

The activist said he was not hanging his boots yet but was just taking a break to rejuvenate from the toll all the anger has taken on him. He said he was slowing down for his own sanity.

“Am just angry. I feel like I’m angry on behave of the entire country. And so I want to be less angry and take a break from all this…because when I continue with this anger I will die sooner than I want to,” Mwangi said.

Mwangi also said he was taking a break to reflect on life and rekindle his relationships with friends and kin.

He also shared that he learnt although in a very hard way that change is not a sprint but a marathon that one needs to slow down and conserve energy in order to reach the finish line.

“I have learnt in a very hard way that change is not a sprint,” Mwangi said “I was sprinting to the finishing line to change this country and I have released that it’s a Marathon,” he said.

He assured Kenyans that his break does not mean he has abandoned them or given up on Kenya.