Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) achieved a groundbreaking medical feat as a team of highly skilled specialists conducted a 16-hour surgical procedure to salvage the limb of a 20-year-old patient battling bone cancer.

In a statement released Thursday by Dave Opiyo, Chief Manager of Marketing and Communication at KNH, the hospital hailed the success of the surgery as a remarkable milestone in their commitment to advanced medical care.

The complex operation, performed for the first time at KNH, involved the removal of a cancerous tumour situated on the patient's distal femur (lower thigh bone), which had also affected blood vessels.

The surgical team's exceptional expertise enabled them to excise meticulously the tumour and bridge the resultant gap in the blood vessels using a vascular graft, thus restoring blood flow to the patient's limb.

Following the successful vascular reconstruction, the patient's leg was further reconstructed using a customized prosthesis, with the aim of restoring normal limb function.

Initially, amputation had been considered the only viable option for the patient's condition, but this innovative surgery has now given her newfound hope of regaining the ability to walk.

Lead Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Okumu provided an update on the patient's condition, stating, "The patient is doing very well and recuperating at the Hospital. Her limb function has been restored using a specialized prosthesis."

This remarkable achievement underscores the profound impact of limb salvage surgery, a procedure that aims to remove cancerous tumours while preserving both the functionality and aesthetics of the affected limb.

Orthopaedic surgeons carefully evaluate various factors, including the patient's age, overall health, tumour type, location, size, and metastasis extent, before recommending limb salvage surgeries.


The multi-disciplinary team that carried out this pioneering procedure comprised Surgeons Dr. Gilbert Oburu (Cardiothoracic Surgeon), Dr. Wilson Ngángá (Anaesthetist), Dr. Maureen Wanjau, Dr. Mandela Korsai, and Dr. Faith Naliaka, all Orthopedic Surgeons.

Dr. Evanson Kamuri, Chief Executive Officer of KNH, extended his congratulations to the Orthopedic team for their exceptional accomplishment.

"Step by step, we are achieving our super specialization dream at KNH by taking on challenging cases to realize our potential." He further emphasized the hospital's commitment to innovation and technology, with the goal of enhancing patient care and maintaining their position as the premier Teaching and Referral facility in the country," Kamuri stated.

This remarkable achievement by Kenyatta National Hospital showcases the power of medical innovation and underscores the importance of pursuing advanced surgical techniques to offer hope and better outcomes for patients facing complex medical challenges.