The Ministry of Health has said a total of 15,616,694 Covid-19 vaccines had been administered across Kenya by February 14, 2022.

Out of that number, only 7,109,900 people have been fully vaccinated and 7,505,604 have been partially vaccinated.

753,415 doses have been administered to persons aged between 15 to 17, while 232,029 are booster doses.

According to the MoH, 138,139 doses have been administered in the last 24 hours while the number of persons fully vaccinated in the same period is 68,508.

Uptake of the second dose among adults who received their first dose stands at 62.9 per cent while 26.1 per cent represents those who were fully vaccinated.

The government is currently working towards achieving a vaccination target of 27,246,033 individuals.