Renowned sports journalist Sean Cardovillis has made a medical appeal to the public for financial support.

According to a poster that has gone viral across social media, Sean has been hospitalised for a while after experiencing chest pains, which turned out to be pneumonia.

The poster says one of Sean’s lungs has also collapsed. Sean also has an infection around his heart.

“Sean has been hospitalised for a while now. The chest pains he had been experiencing for a while turned into pneumonia and one of his lungs collapsed, he also has an infection around his heart,” the poster read.

Currently, the sports presenter’s health is improving as he is receiving professional treatment. However, he still needs monitoring and further care.

Sean started feeling unwell last year around September when it started out as a common cold.

He started experiencing back pains and sharp pains in his ribs when he was about to emcee the KCB Nanyuki Autocross and Kenya National Rally Championship at the beginning of October. 

Upon going to the hospital, his doctor discovered he had pneumonia and prescribed some antibiotics.

In the second week of December, Sean tested positive for Covid-19, forcing him to self isolate for five days until he tested negative.

Sean took his Covid-19 booster jab immediately after testing negative, a mistake he would later pay for dearly.

He found out that he needed to wait a minimum of 28 days before taking the jab after testing negative of Covid-19.

Sean said that was the beginning of a series of medical issues leading to his second bout of pneumonia doctors refer to as ‘Long Covid’.

“I was later to find out that you should wait a minimum of 28 days between testing negative for Covid AND taking the booster jab. This really was the start of a series of medical issues that led to me getting the second round of pneumonia that many doctors call 'Long Covid’,” Sean said.

Sean has is indeed been a sportsperson who has taken part in cycling and has worked as a journalist in radio and television in Kenya and abroad.