Text Book Center (TBC) Chief Executive Officer Armand Florette Houahu has revealed his family’s secret battle with Covid-19 in the last month and how tough it has been for them.

In a tweet on Wednesday night, Florette revealed how they discovered that every member of his family had contracted the Coronavirus and rough ride it has been for them.

The TBC Chief Executive also said his father in law was also fighting for his life at an undisclosed hospital as the third and deadlier wave of the virus ravages the country.

Armand Florette Houahu. PHOTO/COURTESY

Florette spoke after one of the two co-founders of TBC and Sarit Center, Sobhagayachand Vidhu Shah alias Bachubhai, also lost his battle with the ailment on Tuesday.

“The past 4 weeks have been rough. My entire family and I got covid. My wife’s dad is still battling it in the hospital. My boss lost his battle. This pandemic is gaining steam & we all know someone who is affected,” Florette said in his post.

He urged all people to observe measures meant to tame the spread of the Covid-19 which continues to infect more people across Kenya resulting in more than 2,000 fatalities this far.

“Please mask, sanitize and vaccinate. WE will beat covid,” he added.