Christopher Kinyua Wanjau, the principal of The National Registration Bureau, has earnestly implored the younger generation to treat their education with utmost seriousness, advocating their enrolment in advanced academic pursuits.

Wanjau said that while celebrating a significant milestone in his academic journey after being conferred with a Doctorate in Strategic Management from Karatina University. 

Dr. Wanjau, a seasoned civil servant, addressed a vibrant gathering during the graduation ceremony in Karatina, where he emphasized the importance of education for individuals of all ages and genders.

The ceremony, attended by thousands of well-wishers, marked the academic achievements of numerous graduates, including Dr. Wanjau, whose impactful contributions have been instrumental in the ongoing digital transformation of services at NRB.

The bureau is currently spearheading initiatives such as the digital National Identity card and the third-generation ID, currently in the pilot stage.

Dr. Wanjau's career trajectory includes significant roles in various government institutions, notably as the head of motor vehicle registration at the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and as a senior official in Kiambu County and the Ministry of Interior.

In his address, Dr. Wanjau encouraged the youth to prioritize education and seize opportunities for further studies.

He highlighted the limitless nature of education, emphasizing that individuals can pursue knowledge while simultaneously working.

His words resonated with a call to action, urging the youth to expand their academic horizons.

“No one should lie to you that having one diploma or degree is final... If resources are available, get two diplomas, an extra degree, or even a master's because having knowledge is something that cannot be snatched from you by anyone,” Dr. Wanjau emphasized.

Continuing his motivational address, Dr. Wanjau challenged the youth to persistently apply for job vacancies, emphasizing that perseverance in the face of constraints could pave the way for a promising future.

“As much as there are constraints, never get tired of applying for jobs. That might be the opening of a great future,” he concluded, leaving the graduates and attendees inspired to embrace a mindset of continuous learning and resilience in their professional journeys.

Dr. Wanjau's transformative leadership and dedication to education serve as an inspiration for the youth, reinforcing the notion that continuous learning and persistent pursuit of opportunities are key to personal and professional growth.