The Ministry of Education has released a revised school calendar for the year 2023, with changes to the dates for the academic terms and the holiday periods.

The new calendar takes into account the KCPE and KCSE exams, as well as the necessary breaks for students and teachers.

Term 2 will commence on May 8, 2023, and run through to August 11, 2023, a period of 14 weeks. There will be a half-term break from June 29, 2023, to July 1, 2023.

The second holiday period will be from August 12, 2023, to August 27, 2023, for a duration of two weeks.

The final term, Term 3, will begin on August 27, 2023, and conclude on October 27, 2023, lasting 9 weeks.

Following this, there will be a holiday period from October 28, 2023, to January 8, 2024, spanning 10 weeks.

During this time, the KCPE and KPSEA exams will be held from October 30, 2023, to November 2, 2023, a period of four weeks.

The KCSE exams will take place from November 3, 2023, to November 24, 2023, a three-week duration.

Marking for the KCSE exams will occur from November 27, 2023, to December 15, 2023, also a three-week period.

All students and teachers to are expected to take note of these revised dates to ensure a smooth academic year.