Text Book Center (TBC) co-founder Sobhagayachand Vidhu Shah, popularly known as Bachubhai, has passed on.

TBC made the announcement on Tuesday on its social media, saying Bachubhai died on Tuesday at a Nairobi hospital but the company did not disclose what he died from.

On Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta condoled with the family, friends and relatives of the 86-year-old businessman following his untimely death.

“Mzee Bachubhai was exceptional in his commitment to both business and community, as demonstrated by the success of his businesses and contributions to philanthropic causes. He believed in hard work, excellence and forging of strong bonds of friendship amongst Kenyans of all walks of life,” Uhuru mourned.

Sarit Centre was founded by close friends Bachubhai and Maneklal Rughani and it was officially opened in April 1983 and has managed to weather competition from other modern malls and manages to serve 40,000 visitors on average daily.

He was the co-founder of the Sarit Group of Companies, which includes TBC, Sarit Your City and Kartasi Industries, alongside MJ Rughani and the chairman of the board.

“Through his drive and desire to lead change in the education sector, Bachubhai shaped TBC into the company it is today. He will be remembered for his love and dedication to TBC as a company, brand and family and will be greatly missed,” TBC said in a statement.

TBC described the late Bachubhai as a person respected and admired as a visionary leader both by TBC employees and customers, such as bookshops which he supported and adviced.