Education CS Prof George Magoha has said that government has no intention to stop sponsoring students in private universities and colleges. 

Magoha has dismissed a move by some members of the Parliament to change a directive given by President Uhuru Kenyatta on the admission of government-sponsored students to private universities. 

The CS has said only President Kenyatta can decide and dismiss opinions by one of his principal Secretary claiming the docket supports the plan.

“I want to believe he was misquoted. If not, then he was speaking for himself because he is not in charge of policy. I am not aware of such plans as the Cabinet Secretary,” said Magoha.

Members of Parliament will push the government to stop sending students to private universities, a move that could halt 34 private universities from benefiting from the programme.

National Assembly Publicity Accounts Committee had even challenged PS Nabukwesi, to explain why billions of shillings are being channelled to private universities when public universities are closing down some campuses because of financial constraints.

Magoha said it is even cheaper to admit students to private universities as it is cost-effective and they have better facilities.