Kisumu City recently resonated with pulsating beats and vibrant energy as Smirnoff TM's "Unleash Your Edge Fiesta" transformed Mambo Leo grounds into a hub of innovation and community celebration.

The event, part of Smirnoff’s We Do We campaign, showcased the brand's commitment to redefining the spirits industry by seamlessly blending global influence with Kisumu's local vibrancy.

Introduced last year, the Unleash Your Edge fiesta is an ode to good vibes and good times with friends, aiming to bring to life adventures beyond the ordinary for Smirnoff audiences.

Brigid Wambua, KBL Smirnoff Brand Manager, highlighted the event's significance, stating, “We're thrilled to have brought the Smirnoff Unleash Your Edge Fiesta to Kisumu. This event is more than just a celebration; it's a testament to innovation, community, and the vibrant spirit of Kisumu."

The fiesta marked a strategic move towards elevating the business of entertainment, offering patrons meticulously curated moments that resonate with their aspirations.

Wambua emphasized Smirnoff's dedication to responsible drinking, stating, "Smirnoff aims to contribute to a culture of responsible entertainment."

The night unfolded with an unmatched platform for attendees to revel in live performances, featuring top-tier acts including headliner Bien Amie and Kisumu's very own Elisha Toto.

The entertainment lineup also included MCs Gudahman and Gogo, along with DJs Grauchi, DJ Karoski, DJ Redbone, Dj Ro, DJ Daffy, DJ Ves, DJ Adella, and DJ Budd Head.

Reflecting on Smirnoff's commitment to innovation, quality, and unrivalled entertainment experiences, Wambua added, "Smirnoff, a legacy brand, continues to lead the charge in redefining the spirits industry."

The Kisumu Fiesta seamlessly integrated with Smirnoff’s We Do We campaign, a global initiative celebrating unity.

"It's a symphony of diverse people, ingredients, and flavours coming together to create something extraordinary. Smirnoff believes that we're stronger together," Wambua explained.

In conclusion, the Smirnoff Unleash Your Edge Fiesta in Kisumu exemplified a harmonious blend of global brand influence and local vibrancy, representing a significant platform shift in the spirits industry and offering attendees an unforgettable night of innovation, community, and celebration.